Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas this year

Hello! Well, all in all this has been a really long and hard year. I can not say I am looking forward to Christmas this year. We have no extra money to buy anything this year. We have told the children Santa may miss us this year. But, there is still hope. I have started making gifts, and with any luck, I will have them finished and in the mail so everyone gets their gifts by Christmas.
Keep your fingers crossed for me! LOL
I am really looking forward to this year ending! I have decided that next year MUST be better than this year has been. That is not to say nothing good has happened to me this year, but the bad far out weighs the good. So, onto a new year, new president and a clear head!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The long month of October!

Well, as many of you know our son Cavan has had a long battle this month. It started out as a stomach virus on October 1st, but by the 7th he had a ruptured apendex. So, after 6 days in the hospital he was sent home. He never did get better, always batteling a low grade fever. So after 10 days we went back to the Dr, and back to the hospital. He had not one, but 3 abcesses in his gut. We have spent another 5 days in the hospital and gotten a PICC line. But we are home now and he is doing great! We have at least 6 more days of at home IV antibotics which take 2.5 hours a day, but his appitate has come back in full force!
Also we went to my brother, Ian's wedding. What a wonderful time that was. Not only did we go to the beach for the weekend, but we got to spend time with our family from all over the US. My parents were in from Hawaii, my baby broter and his wife and daughter were in from Ohio, Marla and Bill from Arkansas and all my "new" family too.
It was wonderful.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Son Cavan

Well, this week has been a long one. Last week our youngest son Cavan had his appendix rupture and emergency surgery. Poor baby. Than he spent the next 5 days in the hospital. We were lucky enough to end up at Dell Children's Center in Austin,
TX. What wonderful people there. They really make an effort to keep your kid happy. And we all know, if you kids is happy, you are happy.
We are home now and he is walking less and less like a little old man and more like himself! Yeah! He even said he thinks he wants to go back to school tomorrow. He has been out for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Etsy shop, Please have a look

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things are looking up!

Okay, Well things are looking up. I am getting caught up with my finances, my living room is now a living room (not a hospital room) and life is looking up.

I had one daughter move out and my other daughter move in! We got a "new to us" sectional sofa, a HUGE "new to me" TV and we are spending time there as a family. It is a wonderful thing. I have not had a living room in several years. So, it feels good.

All 5 of my kids in one place along with my wonderful husband! YEAH!

Now all I need is my brothers and their wives and kids here!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Aunt Patty

Well, this has been a really, really hard few weeks. When my aunt came to live with me last year, I never thought she would be gone now. I hated to put her in the nursing home in Jan, but I had lost my job and needed to get back to work. But in a lot of ways, I feel that she died because I put her there.
I wanted to do so much more for her than I was able to do. I miss her.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, good news! I found a home for Angie. She is a red/rust female 3 year old Dobergirl. She is a very awesome girl and has gone to what I feel will be a wonderful home! One down, 3 to go! LOL

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well, I have too many dogs. I had decided to give away some of my older girls that we wont breed anymore because they deserve to have a home and a family of their own. But it is so hard to watch them go. I found a home for one in December, now another girl is gone. I was very sad to see her go, but happy at the same time. I feel that she is going to a great home with lots of love and a person of her own. She will get to live inside but still have a yard.. I hope it is good for her. She seemed worried.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

My first Blog

Okay, here I go. I always have tons to say but some how looking at this page, my mind goes blank..
I decided to quit work at the Wagon Wheel. I worked there for 3 years, but this year when I got my w2, it really hit home, I am living on less than 11K per year! My time is worth so much more. I am a hard worker. And I am smart, funny and loyal. It was hard for me to quit working there, even tho I was only working 2 days per week at this point.
So, I am in search of a new job. I am doing Home Health care in the in term. It pays even less than I was making, but it is more hours and at this moment that is better than what I was making.
I have several dogs available, so if you know anyone looking for a Doberman or a Chihuahua, please pass my name and number on!
So, that is my story and I am sticking to it! LOL